September Texas Wedding


We loaded up at 5 am in a pitch-black, muggy Louisiana September morning in a borrowed pickup. We couldn't have possibly fit one more stem in that truck - but I am so grateful that I got the chance to bring the blooms for Kendra and Ryan's Texas wedding.  AND I am so glad I got to work with the incredible Micahla of Micahla Vaughn Photograpy- even if I did have to drive to Texas to make it happen!  It was the week of Hurricane Harvey and gasoline was scarce -  I'll never forget stopping at a gas station about halfway there to fill not one, but three little red gas cans...just in case.  It was like the apocalypse out there.

Our GPS took us for quite a loop - a good 30 minutes out of our way - but the drive through the Texas pasture helped calm my nerves a little bit.  Chandler's Gardens was such a gorgeous venue! With their acres and acres of rose gardens and beautiful Tuscan style ceremony site, we were in heaven! The stunning floral arch came together effortlessly - and by effortlessly I mean I stepped on a thorn while foraging in the nearby woods for cedar and was bleeding the rest of the day. That thing went straight through my Birkenstocks! But it was worth it to have some cedar to tie in the delicate florals with the surrounding wooded area. And no one was the wiser. Until just now. When I told everyone and they all became the wiser. Gotta stop doing that......

Kendra had a romantic and garden-inspired style, which complimented the venue perfectly. I was absolutely over the moon when she asked me to create a cascade-style bouquet, which totally set the tone for the whole day. It was dramatic and unqiue.  The moody burgundy peonies and hanging red amaranths were softened up with delicate, fragrant garden roses. And guys, that thing was heavy.  Props to Kendra for toting it around all day.  

To Kendra and Ryan, I wish you happiness upon happiness in your new adventure in Michigan! Thank you having me on your absolutely perfect day - and don't forget to come "Down South" and visit us! 

Tune in next time for more harrowing tales of near death from floral design!