I'm Meghan Awalt — a wedding florist based in Shreveport , Louisiana. I would describe my design style as "edgy-lush-ethereal" with a modern, unique vibe (and lots and lots of texture!)  

For as long as I can remember, I loved escaping to the woods behind my home. I felt grounded and safe hearing the leaves crunch and smelling the earth under my feet. There were wild-flowers that smelled like Big Red chewing gum and a canopy of branches overhead to cover and protect me. Now that I’m a floral designer, I still run to the woods - foraging for a lichen covered branch, unique foliage texture, or sometimes even a forgotten insect hive to bring a touch of wilderness to my work.

I'm married to the funniest person I know - David - who also happens to be an incredibly talented writer. We’ve adopted two rescue pups, Lilly - a cockapoo, and Rascal - a smorgasbord or border collie, aussie and who knows what else. We call Shreveport home, but we love traveling together - our most recent vacay was to Banff National Park in Alberta Canada.

I truly believe I’ve found my life’s work in flowers. I’m honored that my hands get to create living works of art that will forever be a part of someone else’s love story.

I'm currently booking dates for 2020 - with limited availability still left for fall 2019.  I'm also available for freelance floral design just about anywhere!  Click here to get in touch with me!